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Emerson GF827 DVD Karaoke Player

I have tried since 2008 to find a karaoke machine that worked well, and stayed that way. So far this fits the bill. Glad the others didn’t work out; this one does so much more. I love the key-change feature! Good mics, good sound, easy to use controls. Nice echo and bass. I have had this for about 3 weeks and still happy with it. Gotta love how technology keeps improving devices.I haven’t tried recording on it yet, or using an SD card to sing with. The 300 songs that come with it are mostly American folk music that we all learned in 3rd grade, but you know what, it’s worth preserving that heritage. Some of them are still fun to sing to. The religious CD was a definite plus. Lots of songs from when I was very young. Overall am very happy with this machine, AND it’s lightweight! Only one very small issue… if I sing a high note, loud, too close to the mic, the speaker makes a tinny sound. (So I don’t do that anymore Great job on this one, Emerson! Customer Product Review By Eileen M. Here is The Actual Product Review Of The Emerson GF827 DVD Karaoke Player

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Singing Machine SML-390 Disco Lights CDG Karaoke System

Singing Machine SML-390 Disco Lights CDG Karaoke System

Singing Machine SML-390 Disco Lights CDG Karaoke System

Here Is a Product Review On This CD Karaoke Machine: “The Best Kids Karaoke Machine I’ve Ever Bought!I have bought about 3 kids karaoke machines for kids now. I bought a hannah montana and a Jonas Brothers machine before this one. (One for each kid). This karaoke machine is by far the best of the bunch. All of my kids fight over this one. Word of advice, if you are going to get multiple karaoke machines for your kids, just get multiple of THIS MACHINE. My kids singing abiilties are getting better everyday, and they are absolutely loving the disco lights”. This is a 5 Star Review That B.Gifford Did After Buying This Karaoke Machine.More Reviews

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Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System

Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System

Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System

“I purchased the Memorex Singstand for my husband after seeing it on “The View.” It’s wonderful and works as demonstrated on the program. You can connect your iPod or MP3 player to it and sing along with the songs. It has a feature that allows you to minimize the lead vocals on some songs, giving you the music and background vocals, allowing you to better hear the person who is singing (this feature does not work on all songs). It has an “echo” feature to it,also, giving an echo sound to one’s voice (whether singing or talking). You can also hook up a guitar and amp to it. The Singstand is great and my family loves it. Loads of fun! I recommend the Singstand for people who like music and/or singing.” This Review By B.Webster Read More Reviews Here

Get This Memorex Home Karoke System at The Low Price of $124.99

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Singing Machine iSM-1028 N CDG Karaoke Player Image

Singing Machine iSM-1028 N CDG Karaoke Player

Singing Machine iSM-1028 N CDG Karaoke Player

This is truly the best karaoke machine in the market. I wish more people knew about it. The main reason why this machine works so well is that you can dock you iPhone 4 with it, and use YouTube to find karaoke videos online! The videos play right on the built in monitor or your tv! No need to have a huge library of Karaoke CDs to begin with!       This is an Excerpt For a Review By Hortense Go Here For Full Review

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EnterTech ED-9000 MagicSing Karaoke Microphone with 2064 Songs

EnterTech ED-9000 MagicSing Karaoke Microphone

EnterTech ED-9000 MagicSing Karaoke Microphone with 2064 Songs

Here is a product Review of The EnterTech ED-9000 MagicSing Karaoke Microphone With 2064 Songs

“I borrowed this item from a friend for a kids Christmas party. It was a total smash hit, the kids laughed and had a ball trying to sing along in contest mode to random songs. They loved that they could look up songs and sing their favorites and just overall had a fabulous time, for a party that was supposed to last a couple hours in the afternoon, the laughter and fun went way into the evening hours thanks to this awesome system. In addition it is so compact and easy to use, even the most electronic illiterate person could hook it up and have a ball.”

This Was a 5Star Product Review That Was Done By D. Watts To See The Original And Other Reviews Of This Product Go Here To Get More Reviews

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Entertech Et19k Magic Sing Mic Karaoke Machine 2 Wireless Microphone & 2300 Songs

Entertech Et19k Magic Sing Mic Karaoke Machine 2 Wireless Microphone & 2300 Songs

Entertech Et19k Magic Sing Mic Karaoke Machine 2 Wireless Microphone & 2300 Songs

“I went to a Christmas party and friends had this karaoke system. I Was hooked and got my own. Wow! What fun. This is the best way to get family and friends together. You can have family night and sing the night away. Over 2000 songs built in plus free chip with 255 more songs. You can add more song chips and increase your song library. You don’t have to get up to change the songs just enter the song number and there’s your song. People say the song chips are expensive. But you get lots of songs on a chip. One cd with 15 or so songs can cost you 25 to 30So I think the chips are great, at least for me. So easy to take with you and start karaokeing.” This 5 Star Review By D.Negron Go Here For Actual Product Review

Entertech Et19k Magic Sing Mic Karaoke Machine With Microphone & 2300 Songs While It Lasts $224.99

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Emerson GQ755 CDG Karaoke System iPod Compatible        Below is a Product Review Of This CDG Karaoke Machine

Emerson GQ755 CDG Karaoke System iPod Compatible

Emerson GQ755 CDG Karaoke System iPod Compatible

I bought this for my 9 year old daughter at Christmas. She loves to sing and has a talent for music. She was so excited and played with this for hours each day. We have not had any trouble with the Karaoke machine and found that it was very easy to operate. It also came with 4 CD’s that hold many common tunes- (“kid songs” and some “oldies” too). We bought her a High School Musical Karaoke CD (instrumental and vocal) to go with it. She absolutely loves it and we are glad that we bought an additional microphone so that her brother can also sing along too. There is also a dial that makes the kids’ voice “echo”. They love this feature and have lots of fun with it too. This Is an Excerpt From 5 Star Product Review From K. Stilwell Here is The Full review for Those Wanting To Get The Emerson GQ755 CDG Karaoke System iPod Compatible w/ 100 Songs at a Low Price Go Here To Get It:

Get The Emerson GQ755 CDG Karaoke System w/100 Songs F or The Low Price Of $83.33

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Emerson 150W CDG/ MP3G Karaoke System - Black (DV121)

Emerson 150W CDG/ MP3G Karaoke System“This is a great karaoke machine!! We received it 2 days ago and have played with it for about 4 hours. It takes a little adjusting of the buttons to get the sound just right and then you have professional quality sound!!! We first ordered another brand that was more fancy looking with a camera and monitor on the product which was a joke and then returned and got this!! No regrets great product thanks Emerson!”   This Is What  Melissa J.  Had To Say When She Gave a 5 Star Review Here are More Karaoke Product Reviews

Hurry and Get The Emerson 150W CDG/ MP3G Karaoke System – Black (DV121) At The Low Price Of  $218.94

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